ISO 31000 – 
Risk Management Training

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ISO 31000 emphasizes the importance of considering the organization’s context when managing risks, including its objectives, internal and external factors, and stakeholder needs and expectations. The standard also recognizes that risk management is an ongoing process that requires continual improvement and adaptation

ISO 31000 Certifications

The standard focuses on cyber security definitions, capabilities, operations, communication and co-operation.


ISO 31000 - Risk Manager


ISO 31000 - Lead Risk Manager


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ISO 31000 – Risk Manager

An ISO 31000 risk manager is responsible for managing an organization’s risk management process in accordance with the ISO 31000 standard. The role involves identifying, assessing, evaluating, treating, monitoring, and reviewing risks to the organization, and ensuring that the risk management process is integrated with the organization’s strategic and operational processes.

The ISO 31000 risk manager is typically responsible for the following tasks:

  1. Developing and implementing a risk management framework that is consistent with the ISO 31000 standard.
  2. Identifying and assessing risks to the organization, including their likelihood and potential impact.
  3. Evaluating risks based on their significance, and prioritizing them for treatment.
  4. Developing and implementing risk treatment options, such as risk avoidance, risk reduction, risk sharing, or risk acceptance.
  5. Monitoring and reviewing risks to ensure that risk treatment options are effective and up-to-date.
  6. Communicating and consulting with stakeholders throughout the risk management process.
  7. Providing guidance and training to other employees on risk management principles and practices.

ISO 31000 – Lead Risk Manager

The ISO 31000 Lead Risk Manager certification is a professional certification program offered by PECB to individuals who have demonstrated expertise in implementing risk management processes in accordance with the ISO 31000 standard.

To obtain the ISO 31000 Lead Risk Manager certification, candidates must typically meet certain requirements, such as having a certain level of education or work experience in risk management. Candidates must also pass an exam that tests their knowledge and understanding of risk management principles, the ISO 31000 standard, and the implementation of risk management processes in organizations.

The certification program usually covers the following topics:

  1. Principles of risk management and the ISO 31000 standard
  2. Risk management framework and process
  3. Risk assessment, treatment, and communication
  4. Monitoring and review of risk management processes
  5. Integration of risk management with organizational processes

By obtaining the ISO 31000 Lead Risk Manager certification, individuals can demonstrate their expertise and credibility in the field of risk management, which can help to advance their careers and improve their organization’s risk management processes.