ISO 27032 – Cyber Security Training

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ISO 27032 – standards provides guidelines for improving the cybersecurity of an organization by addressing the human aspect of cybersecurity. It aims to promote a culture of security and awareness among individuals and organizations to improve the overall cybersecurity posture.

ISO 27032 Certifications

The standard focuses on cyber security definitions, capabilities, operations, communication and co-operation.


ISO 27032 - Lead Cyber Security Manager


Exams are available online directly with PECB

ISO 27032 – Lead Cyber Security Manager

ISO 27032 Lead Cybersecurity Manager is a certification program offered by various organizations that aims to provide individuals with the knowledge and skills required to implement and manage a cybersecurity program based on the guidelines set forth in ISO 27032.

The certification is intended for professionals who have experience in cybersecurity management and are responsible for managing the cybersecurity program in their organization. The certification covers a wide range of topics, including:


  1. Understanding the concepts and definitions of cybersecurity
  2. Developing and implementing cybersecurity policies, procedures, and controls
  3. Conducting risk assessments and managing cybersecurity risks
  4. Managing incidents and responding to cyber threats
  5. Developing and delivering cybersecurity awareness and training programs
  6. Collaborating and coordinating with internal and external stakeholders to manage cybersecurity effectively.